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Sloe Gin on the horizon. Our new flavour is in the works!

Sloe Berry Gin Cocktail

A delicious new Gin flavour is in the works at Puss & Mew, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Though we can’t reveal too many details quite just yet, we can give you a bit of a general idea about this new addition that is coming soon to our bespoke Gin range. We are in the process of distilling a Sloe Gin, which is made with the base of our Australian Dry Gin and of course, combined with the core element of sloe berries.

For those who know and love Sloe Gin, it will be a familiar favourite – but crafted in typical Puss & Mew fashion with tweaks and twists to take it to an elevated level. For those who haven’t had as much experience with Sloe Gin, (maybe not yet even heard about it) it is sweeter and fruitier than a classic Gin, perfect for cocktails or those who prefer something with a little fruitier flavour. Alongside it’s taste, Sloe Gin possesses a gorgeous ruby red colour, making it unlike so many other members of the Gin family and a real special treat. Interestingly, Sloe Gins often end up having a lower alcohol content than most traditional Gins – which we entirely welcome (this means more delicious sips without the consequences)!

Sloe Gin derives its flavour from being steeped in ripened sloe berries, which are a small fruit that are a close relative of plums. Sloe Gin can take longer to steep than other Gin varieties to gain its full and more robust flavour. As such, we take about three to six months to complete the Sloe Gin distilling process, soaking the sloe berries in the Gin for as long as possible to ensure the highest quality flavour.

Though this does mean that our official Sloe Gin launch is still a little while away, we ask you to hang tight as we complete the steeping procedure and get everything prepared and perfected. We really want to make this a special one, and we appreciate your patience during the process – we promise that it will be worth it!

As always, we would like to give thanks to our incredible community for the ongoing support you have shown us as we continue to grow and expand. It’s been about a year since we started up our humble distillery, and we have been absolutely blown away by how much progress we’ve been able to achieve. None of these unique new flavours would have been possible without such staggering support from our P&M community, and we are endlessly grateful.

We are so looking forward to broadening our Gin range and cannot wait to have you all try this new addition and let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned here on our blog and our social media accounts to be the first to hear about our new Sloe Gin launch. If in the meantime you’re dying for a Gin fix, you can shop our collection of specialty Gins – both flavoured and classic via our online shop or pop into the distillery for a meal and perfectly paired Gin cocktails.