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Bottle your creativity in our hands-on gin crafting Masterclass

Embark on a journey from botanical to bottle, and discover the true artistry of crafting your very own gin. At Puss & Mew, every sip tells a story, and we invite you to write your own.

Ideal for gin enthusiasts, creative hobbyists, spirit connoisseurs, team-building groups or unique gift seekers.


Your Journey Through the Art of Gin Crafting

Our Masterclass is one of the more unique gin experiences available in Victoria. Be ready to be a true distiller using our individual Copper Alembic Stills imported from Portugal.

This is a full gin making experience, please allow 3 hours and includes lunch.

What does the Gin Masterclass include?

  • Discover the intriguing and vibrant history of gin.
  • Gain insights into the science and process of fermentation and distillation.
  • Meet “Dudley,” our 500-litre Australian-made Copper Still, responsible for our beloved gin recipes.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch/dinner with a mix of meat and cheese platters and sharing plates.
  • Work through tastings of Puss and Mew award winning gins.
  • Engage in the thrilling activity of gin crafting:
    • Get full access to our Botanical Wall, carefully designed for easy selection of botanicals.
    • Choose your own botanicals based on the desired flavour profile for your gin.
    • Use real botanicals in your personal still to create your unique spirit.
    • Take your gin back with you in our 500ml bespoke bottle!

Local Gin Distillery Gallery

Picture Your Adventure: The Masterclass Gallery

Take a visual journey through our Gin Masterclass with our curated gallery. Each image encapsulates the immersive experience and camaraderie that unfolds during our sessions. From the array of vibrant botanicals to the joy of crafting your own unique gin, these moments offer a glimpse into the engaging, informative, and thoroughly enjoyable journey you’ll embark on with Puss & Mew.

Let our gallery inspire you to become a part of this one-of-a-kind gin crafting adventure.

At Puss & Mew, every sip tells a story, and we invite you to write your own

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Our Gin Makers Stories:

Hear From Our Attendees

As you dive into the enchanting process of crafting your unique gin, we treat you to delightful grazing platters and tastings from our exquisite range of Puss & Mew gins. Witness the thrill of your gin creation springing to life before your very eyes!

The grand finale? Experience the pleasure of the first sip straight from the still, a testament to your gin crafting prowess. And you get to take it home in our bespoke 500ml bottle. The best part is: we keep your recipe should you wish to reorder in the future!

We went to the gin master class on Saturday and had a fantastic experience that we would recommend to everyone. The venue is beautiful, close to a train station for public transport and has a fantastic selection of gin and food when open as a restaurant.
The masterclass is great value for money, we got a G&T on arrival then made our own custom gins from scratch to our individual tastes which we took home, we also enjoyed a gin tasting of the distilleries favourite gins, a cheese platter and a delicious lunch.
Even those who don’t normally like gin would enjoy this experience because you can make alcohol from scratch to taste however you like and it is hands on and engaging.
Hosts Brett and Deb were extremely knowledgeable and kind, they took into consideration allergies and intolerances with lunch and were very accommodating. We would highly recommend and will be back.

Katherine, Masterclass Attendee

We had an incredible time with Puss & Mew Distillery. They were very kind, and patient as they took us through giving us instructions for the best gin combinations. Picking ingredients and watching the gin distill was amazing. Accompanied by delicious tastings and a yummy pizza lunch the Masterclass was easily one of the best distillery experiences we’ve had and we wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Bethany, Masterclass Attendee

Brett and Deb presented a fantastic 3 hour gin Masterclass at their Puss & Mew Distillery. At first, it may seem daunting to choose your own botanicals but they both make it a fun and informative experience starting off with a base recipe and providing excellent guidance along the way to create your own. They have a big range of botanicals to choose from including Australian native! Whilst you gin is doing its thing, you are taken on a distillery tour and a really good lunch is served paired with their excellent gin. I highly recommend this experience, it’s a lot of fun, Deb and Brett are great hosts and you might just make the best gin ever!
Riccardo, Masterclass Attendee

We attended the Gin Masterclass and it was absolutely fantastic!! What a great experience!! Not only did we learn so much about the process/history, but we also got to take home our personally made gin! The experience included gin tasting & lunch spread including a range of hot sharing plates and meat and cheese platters! Yummmm! I already want to do it all over again!

Kvita, Masterclass Ateendee

Corporate bookings and private masterclasses now available

Spend some quality time learning about creating unique bespoke gins with those closest to you, or reward your team with a truly engaging experience. Contact us to discuss a customised event to suit your requirements today.