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Medal winners in under 12 months – London Spirit Competition.

London Spirit Competition

After years of researching Gin distilling and the wonderful world of using botanical ingredients to create bespoke Gin we were pumped to open our venue and Distillery in late 2021.  Our own creations were initially only available online (due to local pandemic restrictions) but we had a great response straight away and we were not only relieved but proud our fellow Gin lovers were recognising hard work as top-notch. 

Four months later we had been through the whirlwind of coming out of lockdown to opening our beautiful distillery and restaurant to the local public. We had been running Gin masterclasses, opened up for private functions and corporate events, and our online bottle sales had begun to grow nationally. It was time to go International…

As regular Gin loving shoppers browsing the aisles of the bottle shops, those little gold, silver and bronze medals always attracted our attention and for a good reason. Back when we were your regular husband and wife shopping for a good drop we saw those little gold medals as brands that had been ‘discovered’ by the experts in their field and found to be worthy of medals; not so. They were far more impressive to us after we found out how much work goes into the competitions where those valuable awards come from. 

The process of entering a Gin distiller competition blew us away. 

As the distillery owners we now are, we quickly realised during the business planning stage that those brands brandishing their medals were not ‘discovered’ and given their worthy awards; they had worked for them and worked hard! 

Four months after opening our Gin distillery officially I took on the task of getting our popular bespoke Gin into the hands of those high up in the Gin and spirits world both nationally and internationally. Although the process of lodging competition entries, sharing information and posting our beautiful product internationally was long (and sometimes tedious) the efforts were well rewarded. 

After six months as Puss & Mew Distillery, we received the news our four original products were all rewarded with what we now know are well-earned awards from the London Spirits Competition. The awards are one benefit of entering our bespoke Gin into competitions but the valuable feedback through tasting notes from the experts is well worth the effort. 


Find out what the experts had to say about our flavours below and try some for yourself. 

Awarded Silver by the London Spirit Competition-

Puss & Mew Navy Strength Gin. 

Sweet aromas of pastry with raisins, vanilla, and lemon zest on the nose. Zesty on the palate with notes of lemon curd, lemon verbena, and lime zest on the palate. Alcohol is well integrated and has a good finish.

Awarded Silver by the London Spirit Competition-  

Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin. 


Delicate aromas of honey and toasted coconut with hints of cinnamon are perceived on the nose. Fresh juniper and coriander notes with subtle smoothness of honey and fig on the palate give a lingering aftertaste.

Awarded Bronze by the London Spirit Competition-

Puss & Mew Spiced Turkish Delight Gin. 


Refreshing Turkish delight aromas of sweet, floral scents of orange and rose on the nose. Flavours of gingerbread, liquorice with some pepper notes are perceived on the palate.

Awarded Bronze by the London Spirit Competition-

Puss & Mew Signature Dry Gin. 


Notes of juniper, citrus fruit, lemon, and sherbet with floral undertones. It has a smooth character on the palate and a light finish.

Try our bespoke Gin flavours for yourself.

To have such recognition within twelve months of opening is priceless and we are very proud of the results. Try Puss & Mew for yourself with our flavours available online 24/7 or visit our venue in Nunawading, Victoria for a Masterclass or tastings, we would love to have you and are always up for a chat about our true love, Gin. 

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Image credits also to London Spirits Competition. 

Author: Brett Clayton – Director Puss & Mew Distillery.