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Gin festivals – a favourite for new Australian Gin distillers.

Puss and Mew Bar with Gin Cocktails

As a new Australian Gin distillery, there is something special about being able to attend Gin events and festivals. 

If we went back just a few years ago, we would never have believed that we would be sharing our award-winning Gin range with hundreds of people, alongside so many incredible Australian Gin distillers who share our same passion. Still in our first year as Puss & Mew Distillery, it is always a surreal experience, and we are beyond grateful to attend each and every one!

We love sharing the story of our brand to those who ask about it, and answer all sorts of questions about the botanicals in each recipe, how the Gin is made, and what mixers each flavour is best paired with. We also appreciate everyone’s take on what sort of cocktail is best suited to each of our Gins (more often than not we go home and try a few suggestions for ourselves). To put it simply, all the friendly faces we get to chat to and serve up some of our Gin are what makes these Gin festivals so special! 

Puss and Mew Nunawading Venue Bar Shelves with Gin bottles

First and foremost, our favourite thing about attending Gin festivals is being able to share the Puss & Mew brand story and of course our Australian made Gin collection with individuals who have such a vested interest in the spirit. We know that almost everyone who is attending a Gin event is likely to be somewhat of a Gin connoisseur themselves, so we’re always very keen to hear their thoughts on our range – and have an interesting conversation about all things Gin at the same time. 

Being a Gin distiller, there is nothing better than seeing the creation you poured your heart and soul into being enjoyed by others (even if the line to our stall occasionally gets a bit out of hand)!

In day-to-day life, it’s not often that we come across distillers of any sort – but when we all get together, it feels like one great community! It is great to meet all the other incredible Gin distillers, especially as one of the newest distillers in town.  It’s so insightful for us to learn from others, about what they did right, what went wrong and everything in between – and even share a few nuggets of our own Gin knowledge from time to time.

As it’s only usually a small selection of distillers asked to attend each Gin festival, each time we are approached by a Gin event organiser about being part of the festival, we can’t help but feel a rush of excitement for what we know will be such a fantastic time. Though we haven’t been to many (yet!), and whilst we do feel a bit like the new kids on the block, it is always such an amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from the Australian distilling greats (and it’s a bit of a confidence boost for us to know we are worthy of being there)!

It’s always exciting to visit a unique location, get our little spot set up and wait for the Gin appreciating visitors to arrive so we can serve up some of our award-winning Gin! We also try to get to go around and have a taste of some other absolutely divine Gins and other spirits from the best of the best distillers in the game – it’s our happy place!

Since our business launch, we have felt extremely fortunate to be surrounded by support, encouragement and an incredible customer base that makes us excited to get to work each day. To have been invited to a few Gin festivals already in our very first year of business has been the absolute cherry on top and has just done wonders for growth in our business and in our distilling abilities. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

To keep up to date with any upcoming festivals or markets follow us on our social pages and keep an eye out for our ‘what’s on’ posts. Alternatively, make the trip to our Nunawading venue and we would be happy to run you through all our flavours as you taste each and every one.