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Gaining recognition – ADI International Spirits Competition

As every small business owner knows, receiving recognition and feedback for your product is one of the most powerful factors for propelling your brand. Now that Puss & Mew is beginning to grow, with a new flavour and multiple events in the works, the little bit of an extra spurt of recognition could not come at a better time for our small Australian Gin Distillery. We were over the moon to have our Gin range tasted and judged at the American Distilling Institute’s 2022 International Spirits Competition.

Given that Puss & Mew is still a budding, local Australian Gin distillery and this was only our second competition, we knew that the experience of having our Gin tasted on the international spirit circuit would be just as important as any results received. Any feedback received would be considered for our brand’s well-being and continued growth. That being said, we can’t help but be ecstatic with the overwhelmingly positive results and the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals won for our core Gin range.

Despite receiving such a great response for all of our Australian made Gin from our amazing customers since the get-go of the Puss and Mew brand, it is always great to have that extra bit of reassurance and a confidence boost from experienced professionals and experts who seriously know their stuff when it comes to all things Gin and spirits. Even though we have personally always been so proud of our Gin and Gin recipes, we feel just that little more special knowing that the Gin we have worked so hard to create has been enjoyed and recognised on a worldwide scale.

Furthermore, the expert feedback and professional insight into each of our Gins, including what aspects were liked more than others and how we could improve our Gins to take them even further, is absolutely unmatched. We are always more than keen to take on board professional and everyday feedback as we continue experimenting with new flavours and growing our Australian Gin range.

We created our bespoke Gin range with diversity in mind, knowing that each individual has a preference for different core flavours (and because experimenting with flavours is a heck of a lot of fun). We know that not every Gin botanical or level of strength will be everyone’s cup of tea (…or cup of Gin), which is why it was so important to us to create and deliver a core Gin range that extended across many different bases – ensuring that there would be something to suit everyone.

For this reason, we always welcome and expect diverse feedback, including that shared over the bar or from our loyal customers- so never hesitate to reach out to tell us what you thought about each and any of the Puss & Mew Gin flavours you’ve tried.

Without further ado, here’s what the ADI International Spirits Competition judges had to say about each of our flavours.

Awarded Gold by the ADI International Spirits Competition-

Puss & Mew Navy Strength Gin


Fruit loop, roses lime nose, fun lime juiciness, zesty and seems like it would be great in cocktails. On the palate, the gin is fresh, bright, so smooth. Aromas remind me of a sugary Italian confectionery treat, I want to take a bite out of the smell!

Awarded Silver by the ADI International Spirits Competition-

Puss & Mew Signature Dry Gin


The lemon citrus notes on the nose are bright and attractive, the robust botanicals are ripe for mixing in cocktails or gin tonics. The nose is splendid and distinctive with its fresh balsamic notes, floral and grassy notes, a delicate sweetness that makes it well integrated. The finish is very long and rich, fresh and complex.

Awarded Silver by the ADI International Spirits Competition-

Puss & Mew Spiced Turkish Delight Gin


Lovely and spicy with a touch of subtle sweetness with orange peel and cocoa. It smells delicious, with raisin and sweet dates notes and a spicy aroma. On the palate it’s delicate – not too complex, with notes of Juniper.

Awarded Bronze by the ADI International Spirits Competition-

Puss & Mew Honey Coconut Gin


Smooth and beautifully composed with a lovely elegant nose. On the palate the sweet and floral aromas of honey are on point, on the nose the juniper is upfront with spicy aromas and the sweetness of the honey in the background.

Have a taste for yourself to see what the fuss is all about.

We couldn’t be happier with the outstanding results we received at this competition for our Australian made Gin range. However, our real pride and joy comes from being able to share our love of Gin with all of you, and for you to share it with your special friends and family. Taste the Puss & Mew Gin range for yourself by ordering from our online shop anytime you like or dropping into our cozy Nunawading Venue. 

Author Director of Puss & Mew Distillery – Brett Clayton.